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Tea has been a popular and even cultural drink for centuries. India and China were among the first countries to cultivate and drink tea. It has a long history of use in eastern cultures, including India, China, Japan and Thailand, as a drink and even for medicinal purposes. Even so, it has recently been experiencing a revival in the western world due to numerous studies on its amazing health benefits. Continue reading

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We sell our Davoli™ stone ground cold pressed gourmet olive oil retail by the bottle, by the can and for better value by the case. Our goal is to become your main source for premium quality cold pressed food oil. To accomplish that, we provide you with exceptional service and with the highest quality of gourmet stone ground cold pressed extra virgin olive oil available in the market at competitive prices. Continue reading

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For centuries, the vinegar known as “Balsamic” has been considered a pride possession of the Italian people, rarely leaving the homes where it was made. On rare occasions, it was given as a gift to special recipients including the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III from Duke Boniface of Canossa as early as 1046. In ancient history Aged Organic Vinegar was believed to have therapeutic properties. In the Middle Ages vinegar was served as a cordial and used in cooking. Within the last decade Aged quality Vinegar has enjoyed a revival which now extends beyond the shores of Italy. Our De Nigris Aged dilute acetic acid is intense in flavor and aroma. Continue reading