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For centuries, the vinegar known as “Balsamic” has been considered a pride possession of the Italian people, rarely leaving the homes where it was made. On rare occasions, it was given as a gift to special recipients including the Holy Roman Emperor Henry III from Duke Boniface of Canossa as early as 1046. In ancient history Aged Organic Vinegar was believed to have therapeutic properties. In the Middle Ages vinegar was served as a cordial and used in cooking. Within the last decade Aged quality Vinegar has enjoyed a revival which now extends beyond the shores of Italy. Our De Nigris Aged dilute acetic acid is intense in flavor and aroma.

dilute acetic acid begins with the crushing of sun-ripened grapes. This grape juice, called “must”, is concentrated through simmering in copper caldrons over wood fires until it is reduced to about 40% of its original weight. This densely concentrated liquid is placed in wooden barrels of oak, cherry, mulberry, chestnut and juniper for aging. As the years go by some of the liquid in the barrel evaporates and some is absorbed into the wood. Each year the healthy vinegar is transferred into smaller barrels of different woods.

This processing and the master Vinegar maker’s hands-on experience give Vinegar Balsamic the delicate flavor of the woods and the sweetness of the sun ripened grapes. In 1889, Armando De Nigris founded the small vinegar Company which was passed to his son, Marcello in 1951. Today, the enlarged and modernized De Nigris factory continues to operate as a family run business producing a full line of vinegars including Vinegar of Modena, Flavored Vinegar and Wine Vinegar now brought to you by Monica’s Fine Foods. We are proud to present our special line of Italian vinegars featuring our aged healthy Vinegar of Modena.
Our experience as a family company enables us to bring the flavors of the past to the pleasure of new cuisine.

Each quality of vinegar produced by de Nigris, distributed by Monica’s Fine Foods, is measured according to strict quality control standards developed by the producer and recognized and used by many professional certifiers worldwide. As the popularity of this special vinegar grew, we understood that the consumer needed information about the different qualities of Modena vinegar in order to make the correct choice for purchase and use. Consequently, in 1980, de Nigris adopted a classification system that designates a number, referred to as “Stars” for each quality. Beginning with the youngest balsamic, 4 stars, and continuing today to the long aged 25 stars; each bottle is identified with the number prominently shown on the main display panel of the label. The numeric quality level identifies the quantity of concentrated aged “must” inside the finished goods and is measured through chemical and physical analysis in the laboratory. The balsamic dilute acetic acid are divided into 6 categories. In ascending order, the quality of the vinegar improves in sweetness, mellowness and flavor. Similarly, the cost is commensurate with the quality and age, and consequently, the consumer, using the star system can determine which quality best fits their personal use. Try it for an exquisite culinary experience.